In being part of the Edenstone Group, we have the financial strength, depth, breadth and experience to deliver a one stop shop of excellence and cost effective solutions, from strategic land and planning delivery to exceptional build and after care.

As a family business, where all the stakeholders are employed, we care that much more than an anonymous PLC, with disengaged shareholders; we live, breathe and sleep our business.

This gives us the flexibility, speed and efficiency to cut through red tape and make things happen.

We are by your side, with advice, knowledge, experience and a team that have a huge work ethic, beyond all this a team with good old fashioned values of acting honourably and always transparent and trustworthy. It’s what has built our excellent reputation

Our strategic partners are Social Landlords, Local Authorities, RSL’s, Developers and the BTR sector and because we are specialists in this area and have not diversified, we understand the unique challenges that all our customers face and are driven to exceed expectations.

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We are doing our bit, actually a lot more than our bit. We are utterly committed to assessing sustainable opportunities, in everything we do. That is a guarantee. At the heart of our commitment and this policy is taking all steps to mitigate impacts on our planet and researching and seeking out products and methods to improve our carbon footprint at each stage of our build, so that economic, environmental and social impacts are positive.

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